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St. Stephen's Episcopal Church The former St. Stephen's Episcopal Church also known as St. Stephen's Church, is an historic stone Gothic Revival-style Episcopal church building located on the southeast corner... -97.209444444444 46.902777777778
Maple River Winery Tours daily, Monday-Friday Saturdays during the summer, 10AM-5PM, evenings and weekends by appointment. -97.212248733514 46.900670558697
Cottonwood Golf Club Cottonwood Golf Club is a golf course in Casselton. -97.216471537842 46.895444293778
Casselton Commercial Historic District Casselton Commercial Historic District is a 9.3acre historic district in Casselton, North Dakota that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. -97.210555555556 46.900833333333